Sandhwa Pure Dental Toothpaste

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SKU: DN-SC-005
Product by: Davin Nature
Capacity and weight 150g
Product Specifications for all skin type
Period of use or after use 12 months after opening (Separately marked for each product package)
How to use Wipe your teeth with an appropriate amount of toothbrush.
Manufacturer Kumho Dental Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Skin Cure Co., Ltd.
Country of manufacture Korea
ingredient Dental type silica, sodium chloride, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), enzyme-treated stevia, xylitol, green tea extract, sage extract, chamomile extract, calendula flower extract, grapefruit seed extract, lemon extract
In the case of functional cosmetics, whether the screening of the food and drug safety center pursuant to the Cosmetic Act Not applicable


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