Sandhwa moisturizing care set of 3

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SKU: DN-SC-006
Product by: Davin Nature
Capacity and weight Softener 170ml, lotion 130ml, cream 60g
Product Specifications for all skin type
Period of use or after use 12 months after opening (Separately marked for each product package)
How to use 1. Sandalwood Liposome Skin Softener
Skin is used to soften and soak up the amount of skin after applying the lotion.
2. Sandhwa Revitalizing Liposomal Lotion
After using the skin or essence, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly over the face.
3. SANDAWA Renew Moisturizing Liposome Cream
Apply a small amount (1-2 spoons with the supplied spatula) and apply it thinly in the basic cosmetic finishing step.
Available for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
Manufacturer Dummy Skin Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Skin Cure Co., Ltd.
Country of manufacture Korea