Sandhwa Forman Green Tea Skin Care Set

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Product by: Davin Nature
Capacity and weight Toner 110ml, Lotion 110ml, Facial Wash 50ml
Product Specifications for all skin type
Period of use or after use 12 months after opening (Separately marked for each product package)
How to use 01. Sandhwa Forman Green Tea Antioxidant Essential Toner
After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount (2-3 pumping) to your hands and apply evenly over your face.
02. Sandhwa Forman Green Tea Moisture Defense Lotion
After using the skin, apply 2 or 3 times and spread thinly.
03. Saddawo Forman Slightly acidic green tea cleanser
Squeeze out the tube at the time of cleansing.
Manufacturer Dummy Skin Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Skin Cure Co., Ltd.
Country of manufacture Korea